Twin City Produce
Price, Quality, and Service

Superior Quality

Known as a leader in providing the finest quality fruits and vegetables, Twin City Produce maintains a standard for quality that customers rely on. We offer a wide variety of over five hundred wholesale fruits, vegetables, seasonal, and specialty items. Our rapid inventory, discerning buyers, and commitment to the finest varieties and labels have made Twin City Produce an industry leader. Our continual goal is to provide customers with superior quality produce at the most competitive prices available.

Personal Service

We offer our customers several programs and value added services to ensure business growth. At Twin City Produce we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our support to meet customer’s specific needs. We understand that today’s consumer markets are extremely competitive. Typically driven by price and quality, top service is now an essential part of the equation.

At Twin City Produce we offer retail support including counseling produce teams and management in the following areas:

  • Merchandising and Display
  • Product Knowledge and Education
  • Quality and Shrink Control
  • Sales and Gross Profit
  • Current Produce Legislation, Laws, and Standards
  • Resets/Remodels
  • Sales Building Events
  • Weekly Ad Programs
  • Weekly “Hot Buys” Offerings

Same Day Delivery

Twin City Produce operates on a same day delivery guarantee. The advantage with our delivery system is that the customer is consistently provided with the freshest product available. We understand the importance of timely and efficient service, we strive to deliver the product as quickly as possible without sacrificing the attention to detail and personal service synonymous with Twin City Produce.